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Bedekar Builders and Developers made a small beginning in July, 2005 with its debut project Paarijaat Residency. A small step in direction of big achievements. In a span of just 11 years, Bedekar Builders and Developers have carved a niche with their own aesthetic touch. Passion for quality, excellence in designs and customer delight run through each of their projects.


It is Mr. Vidyanand Bedekar’s vision and commitment that has been shaping Bedekar Builders and Developers. As the result, each of the projects reflects a great ambition and vibrancy.

Group Buisness Philosophy

Family values and strong emotional bonding run through the entire Bedekar group. The group has risen from humble beginnings to the present state. The group owes its present success to the entrepreneurial zeal of Mr. Madhavrao Bedekar and Mrs Malati Bedekar. The entire Bedekar family business is based on the foundation of ethics laid by both of them. The trust and a solid sense of commitment are reflected in all the group companies. Love for honesty, quality and customer delight is the watchword of the Bedekar Group.

Banyan Tree-A symbol of Indian Culture and Indian Family

The Banyan Tree represents Sadhana (persistence and determined efforts for a long time with a great physical, mental and emotional concentration), long lasting values, and interspersed, strong structure. The banyan tree epitomizes a combination of profound and practical wisdom. The Banyan tree covers a very large area and its existence is quite noteworthy. Bedekar Group has built its business on the same philosophy. The previous generation passes down the wisdom and practicality to the next generation. A wise way to evolve and sustain in the long run. As a result if it, the group has confidence to give shade and shelter to many who come to the group.

A beautiful way to do business in complete harmony!

Bedekar group Companies

  1. Bedekar Developers LLP
  2. Nisarg Resort
  3. Nisarg Adventures
  4. Madhuri Woollens


Madhavrao Krushnaji Bedekar
Mr Madhavrao K.Bedekar

Mr Vidyanand Bedekar Secretary
Mr.Vidyanand Bedekar

Mr Avinash Madhavrao Bedekar
Mr Avinash M.Bedekar

Mrs Malati Madhavrao Bedekar
Mrs Malati M.Bedekar

5-Mrs Arati Vidyanand Bedekar
Mrs Arati V.Bedekar

Mrs Snehal Avinash Bedekar
Mrs Snehal A.Bedekar

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